Golden Hour Timings

As a Sussex and Destination Wedding Photographer knowing all about Golden Hour is crucial.

Golden hour is definitely my favourite time of day. I’ve loved to photograph the sunset at all different times of the year where I live. I have so many photographs of sunset in different locations with my landscape photography 🙂

Light is amazing but it is also very quickly changing.

Below I have some rough timings for golden hour throughout the year, as you will see below it changes a lot and it’s very important you consider this when planning your wedding day. A lot of clients have missed out by planning speeches at the same time as Golden Hour – by the time they go outside it’s dark! I would use an online calculator and look at the specific timings on your wedding date. Please note depending on where you are this changes.





As a reference, here is an idea of when Golden Hour will start from Londons sunlight calculator:

January (3rd)- 2:29pm

January (20th)- 3pm


February (3rd)- 3:33pm

February (20th)- 4:12pm


March (3rd)- 4:34pm

March (20th)- 5:06pm


April (3rd)- 6:29pm

April (20th)- 6:55pm


May (3rd)- 7:13pm

May (20th)- 7:35pm


June (3rd)- 7:49pm

June (20th)- 7:58pm


July (3rd)- 7:58pm

July (20th)- 7:48pm


August (3rd)- 7:31pm

August (20th)- 7:03pm


September (3rd)- 6:35pm

September (20th)- 5:57pm


October (3rd)- 5:26-pm

October (20th)- 4:45pm


November (3rd)- 3:13pm

November (20th)- 2:39pm


December (3rd)- 2:20pm

December (20th)- 2:13pm



Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a high risk conclusion outstanding

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