Wedding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book you as our wedding photographer?

If you would like to secure your wedding date with me, I require a booking fee of £250 which is deducted of collection total and for my wedding contract to be signed.

What are your rates?

All my collections start at £1550* My collections  come with an online password protected gallery and my collections of £1,750*+  wooden USB in presentation box. You can see all my collections details I offer HERE!

How long before we get our photographs?

I will keep you up to date and post a ‘sneak peek’ on Facebook up to two days after your wedding but will also email it to you if you’re not on Facebook so you don’t miss out. But you will receive your final edited photographs to view on a password protected gallery within up to 8-12 weeks after your wedding date. 

Are you insured?

Yes all of my equipment is fully insured and I am covered by public liability and indemnity insurance.

Do you charge extra for travel?

If your wedding is within 40 miles from Felpham, Bognor Regis there will be no additional charge but there will be a charge for travelling costs and expenses if further than this. I cover up to 50 miles from Felpham, West Sussex. 

Can friends and family view and buy photographs?

All photographs are placed onto a password-protected gallery. If you give friends and family the link and password I provide you they can also view and buy any photographs as a digital files or prints they may like. 

Do you require accommodation?

If your wedding is more than 1 hour from me and starting early (o I’m no day) or is 2 hours away and late into the evening (later than 8pm) I will require accommodation which will be added to your package costs.

Do you visit my venue beforehand?

If your wedding venue is within 20 minutes of Felpham I am happy to visit it prior to the wedding with you for your pre-wedding meeting (not an additional meeting) but if your wedding venue is further than 20 minutes from Felpham I’m afraid I am unable to visit beforehand. If your wedding is all at the one same venue and it happens to be over 20 minutes away from me I always arrive almost an hour early on your wedding day to scout the venue and surrounding area for photographic opportunities before I start capturing your bridal prep as the agreed start time. 

How many photographs will we receive?

All collections include all the edited (digital files) photographs in both colour and B&W which you’ll receive, you’ll also get an online gallery which will contain them all to view and choose your prints as part of your collection from and also album choices are made from too. Prices of extra prints will be discussed at pre-wedding meeting and albums at an after wedding meeting.

Who owns copyright to the photographs?

The word ‘copyright’ is a confusing issue. As the photographer, I will hold the legal copyright to the photographs, as I am the original creator. This means that I can edit, sell to your guests, publish, and use them commercially as I wish. I provide all my clients with a print release so that you can print them till your heart desires but you cannot edit, sell or use them for profit in any way.  

Are our digital files watermarked?

No they are not. The high resolution JPEG digital files you receive do not bear any watermarks.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

For all weddings in the United Kingdom, there is always the chance of rain. I will come prepared with lots of umbrellas and some wellington boots to make the photographs a bit quirky. I’m not one to let a bit of rain ruin your special day.

What equipment do you use?

I use some of the very best professional camera equipment available to me. My equipment includes, but not restricted to the following; Two Nikon Z6ii mirrorless (full-frame), Nikon D750 (full-frame), with a back-up camera body always ready, and my favourite lenses are Nikkor (Nikon) 14-24mm 2.8, Nikkor (Nikon) 24-70 2.8, Nikkor (Nikon) 70-200mm 2.8, Nikon 35mm 1.4, Nikon 50mm 1.4, Nikon 85mm 1.4 and Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro. I also carry sufficient lighting equipment with me.

Do we need to feed you?

If I am photographing your wedding for 4 hours or more I’d love to be fed please. I wouldn’t ask to sit with you and your guests, so please don’t feel the need to include me in your seating plan. A meal or bar meal away from your dining area is absolutely perfect. 

Do you take traditional wedding photographs (group shots)?

I do take traditional family photographs/group shots as part of my photography style. While they may not be as exciting as some of my more natural or bride and groom portraits, I do appreciate the value and the history behind the traditional family portraits and feel they are important part of the day. I normally suggest 10-15 group shots and the time this takes on the day depends on guests cooperation (normally takes 25-30 minutes).

Do you offer discount for HM Armed Forces?

I am very pleased to say YES and I have been offering 15% off to anyone getting married within one of these services since 2015. Several of my family members have/do still work within these services so it’s a privilege to offer this discount and capture the special days of these incredible men and woman. Please contact me for more details

Do you also provide video services?

I am a photographer, and do not provide video services. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding or event, check out my recommended suppliers list HERE!

Do you have an assistant?

No, I do not have an assistant with me at weddings but if you would like me to have an assistant on the day there will be at charge of £150 to cover this option. The assistant is not the same as a second photographer; the assistant is simply there to lend me a helping hand. My assistant does everything from carrying your dress, holding my flash, to holding up lighting if needed, to helping arrange your family during traditional group shots and positioning your dress during couple portraits etc.

Can you explain a bit more the difference between your assistant and a second photographer?

My assistant is with me at every wedding that I photograph . My assistant aids during the day with:

  • During bridal prep arranging dress/flowers etc for photographs
  • During the ceremony they scout the area with a plan B for group/traditional photographs in case it rains and they can’t take place outside due to how bad the weather may be. For the group shots they then help to gather guests along with the help of any groomsmen too.
  • During couple photographs they will arrange your dress, carry your dress between locations, sort your necklace if it isn’t straight, hold my flash for my daytime sky shots
  • The rest of the day they then help me in anyway for equipment I may need and look after any equipment I’m currently not using when I’m off photographing parts of your day e.g speeches, ceremony etc that they aren’t required for. They play a big part in the day for helping it run smoothly and to time schedules/restrictions out of my control as your photographer.

If you desire a completely dedicated additional photographer for weddings with a large amount of guests (60+ guests) or would like to different perspectives of your wedding day from prep to first dance then I’d recommend a second photographer which I can hire for you and I offer 2 collections with this already as an option. The second photographer will capture the following:

  • They’ll capture groom prep whilst I’m photographing bridal prep
  • They’ll capture your ceremony from back angle whilst I’m at the front capturing your facing reactions
  • Whilst I’m doing traditional group shots and couple portraits they’ll be mingling with your guests capturing what they get up to and if anything funny happens
  • During the speeches the capture the table table and stand in a position out of your guests view if possible and the second shooter will move around the room capturing your guests reactions during the speeches
  • For the rest of the time until first dance myself and the second photographer will be capturing different perspectives of what is going on and if you’d like more couple shots doing with a sunset, night-time, golden light or evening light we can disappear knowing the second shooter will capture guests mingling etc before we all return for your cake-cut and first dance.

I hope this helps with the job my assistant does and the role of a second photographer. If you decide to have one of my collections including a second photographer there will still be an assistant with me on the day as there is automatically one included in all of my wedding collections.

Can I have 2 photographers on my wedding day?

Yes, there is always the option for you to have 2 photographers on your wedding day and this is something I offer in 2 of my collection options.  I have a list of other professional photographers that I use as a second photographer. I’m sorry but unfortunately you cannot hire your OWN second photographer and only hire one through me from my 2 photographer collection options as I work well with my seconds and know their work.

I support the following charity by donating my wedding photography services to a couple in need of it as one of them is terminally ill with cancer.