I offer for an extra cost a printed Graphistudio Italian Wedding album from £400 which can be discussed further after your wedding at a meeting if you would like it custom designed to your specification as prices vary depending on the album size, number of spreads (pages), album choice, paper type, etc.

Below is an example album price and possible upgrades to it available.

Graphistudio Matted Album 40cmx30cm - £995 with 48 pages (24 spreads), HD Canon Photographic Paper, Thin White Tintoretto Mat option, Lux Lining interior with the choice of covers: Genuine Leather (pictured below), Silk, Leatherette, Suede, Crystal Glance or Leather in a Studio Presentation Box.

UPGRADE your 30 page album to HD Canon Paper - £45

UPGRADE your cover type to: Crystal Glance, Wood, Die Cut Leather, Woven, Die Cut Woven, Distressed Leather, Nappa Leather, Sequoia Leather, Die Cut Distressed, Die Cut Nappa or Die Cut Sequoia - £165

UPGRADE your album size - 35cmx25cm - £255 / 40x30cm - £415 / 45cmx35cm - £630 (automatic paper upgrade to HD Canon Paper and option of following cover upgrades Crystal Glance, Wood, Die Cut Leather, Woven or Die Cut Woven)

UPGRADE by adding additional pages to your album - 1 double page spread - £20 each