We all know the famous saying, “failing to plan, is planning to fail”; this is certainly the case when it comes to wedding photography.  So to ensure your photos are picture perfect, I recommend following the below tips:


Spring clean

I know planning a wedding is a busy time and keeping your house clean can sometimes come low in the priorities. However, by keeping both the bride’s and the groom’s room clean you reduce the chance of having any obtrusive objects in the background or needing to take time out of taking pictures to clear out anything that we don’t want appearing in your photos.

Devil is in the detail

On your wedding day, with all the excitement (and panic!) it’s easy to forget those important details. I therefore suggest getting all these ready ahead of time.  The bride should have all the details (dress, rings, shoes, etc.) in one easy to find place. This will again save time and ensure you have the maximum opportunity to create the most beautiful photos.













Happy hangers

A great wedding photo I like to capture is of the wedding dress hanging on a hanger. However, if you don’t have a nice hanger this doesn’t work at all. Don’t rely that the hotel you’re staying in will have one to use.  Be prepared if that dress shot is important to you.

Beat the queues

When it comes to the hair and make up the bride must be last in of the queue. This is essential because if you’re not then it may mean I don’t capture any of your preparations for the time I arrive, you should be near the middle to end of hair any make-up by time I arrive 1 hour 30 minutes before ceremony or towards the end when I arrive if 1 hour prior to ceremony.

Less is more

When deciding who is going to be there on the morning of the wedding try and keep the numbers low. Too many people in the room can add stress to the day. I suggest just bridesmaids, a few immediate family members and your wedding vendors. By having just your immediate family I will also be able to create some very special intimate pictures with your parents or your siblings, like the  “first look” between the bride and her mother and father.

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Timing is everything

Be sure to allow enough time for those first shots. I recommend around 1.5 hours of time for the details and prep before the ceremony time.

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