Ask most brides what they want on their wedding day and along with fitting into that special dress and the groom turning up on time, they dream of a nice sunny day. Unfortunately, getting married in England good weather isn’t always guaranteed. However, while I can’t help with the dress or the groom, I do know some good tips to ensure rain won’t put a dampener on your wedding.

Take your time

Good things come to those wait.  Especially when it comes to the weather! Simply by holding off on your outdoor photos by 30 minutes to even a few hours for a break in the rain can be well worth the wait.  You can use this time to grab some great inside shots and get creative with your wedding photography.

Rehearse in the rain

Sometimes however long you wait the rain will simply not go away . When this happens the best thing to do is embrace it. To make sure you’re ready for this (particularly if you’re getting married in rainy season!) I’d suggest planning a session in the rain. I’ll sort the locations and setting up the shots.

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Communication is key

Having a good relationship with your photographer is vital, particularly if the conditions aren’t perfect.  Be sure to ask your photographer any questions you might have to alleviate your concerns and find out what their wet weather plan is.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Even though you might have not asked for it, clouds can often help create the most beautiful images. Clouds and stormy weather can give your wedding photographer the chance to take some really artistic photos. Look at my blogs to see some of the epic photos I’ve taken in the rain.

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Take it inside

By going inside you’re guaranteed to not only stay warm and dry but your wedding photographer will also have the opportunity to take advantage of your venue’s architecture and get more creative with your shots.

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You can stay under our umbrella

As well as keeping you dry, an umbrella can also make a style statement. A white, black or clear umbrella can transform your rainy photos into works of art. Visit my blog to see some rainy umbrella shots I’ve taken.


So sunshine or rain, I’ve got the answer to make your day one to remember.

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Blog written by Alana Hebenton Twitter is @alanahebenton

Midhurst, West Sussex Wedding Photographer

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