I often get asked why should I have 2 photographers? What are the benefits of it? By having 2 photographers on your wedding day you’ll have every moment, emotion and part of the day captured from two perspectives. A few examples of when a second shooter is a great idea are:

  1. If you’d love to know what the groomsmen are getting up to whilst your getting ready (as I’m with you but second if with groomsmen)
  2. If you’d like the grooms reaction of him seeing you for first time as you was down the aisle (as I’m capturing you walk up the aisle as I’m top of aisle for ceremony so my second is capturing grooms reaction and ceremony from opposite angle)
  3. If you’d like photographs of your guests mingling and relaxing after the ceremony during the drinks reception (as I will be photographing group shots and B&G portraits)
  4. If you’d love to remember/see your guests reactions during speeches (as I will be focusing on top table only not to miss your reactions)
  5. If you would like your cake-cut and first dance from a different perspective then different views on the reception (depending on hired time before we finish)

Here are some blog links where 2 photographers were hired to photograph the wedding (myself and a second shooter)

Bridget and David – Libby and Dom – Rianne and Callum – Rachel and Steve – Joanne and MichaelSarah and LukeChloe and JackEmily and Allan – Amy and HarrySian and MartynCharlotte and Jason – Vicky and OwenVictoria and AndrewLauren and Sam – Carly and JordanHayley and StephenHayley and RobertLauren and Stuart

Below I’m now going to show different parts of a couple of weddings where 2 photographers were hired and what I captured then what they captured. My photographs are on the left hand-side and my second shooters are on the right hand-side.

     Bridal Prep and Grooms Prep/Venue Arrival


     Group Shots and Bride and Groom Portraits


     First Dance and More Bride & Groom Portraits

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