With everything that is going on in the world/UK with this virus, I have every intention of attending every wedding I have booked in my diary over the coming months. I am currently fit and doing more of my fitness to keep healthy, and I certainly plan on staying that way!

I am following all the current guidelines regarding extra hand washing, using hand sanitizer and unnecessary touching. I work from home for the majority of the week. I am also avoiding crowded places where at all possible.


If I was to get ill I would defiantly not show up to your wedding day and risk infecting you or your guests.

What I WILL do?

As with any other illness, I will turn to the trusted local wedding photographers I know to find you a replacement. I will inform you as soon as possible if this is likely to be the case and I should be able to provide you with a list of photographers who are able to cover for me on the day, if you booked me with 2 photographers my second shooter would become myself on the day and I would replace the second shooter role with an alternative. If you have booked just one photographer in myself I can choose someone for you or give you a list of replacements to choose which one you prefer. I will of course pick someone who has a similar photography style to mine and who I think will be a good fit for your awesome wedding day.

There will of course be no extra costs to you they will be following our existing contract and just shooting your day as I will take over the editing and delivery of your final images.


I know you might still be worried about the impact of travel restrictions and the potential lockdown of mass gatherings when it comes to your wedding. Not to mention the worry of any elderly or vulnerable guests travelling to spend the day with you.


You have three main choices..


Go ahead as planned. If your wedding is small (under 80 guests all day), local or you don’t have many guests with great distances to travel, there is no reason not to go ahead. Sure, you might need to make a few adjustments but this is YOUR big day and there is no reason at all why it can’t still be perfect!

Add in some extra soap in the bathrooms, explain to your guests that you’d rather not shake hands and kiss too many people.

Then say “I do”, have some ace photos taken and eat, drink and be merry!


Scale down your wedding.

Most of the weddings I have booked in my diary for the next 8 weeks have no more than 100 guests.

There is currently a suggestion of people being advised to cancel any gathering that has over 100 people attending, so the chances are you will be absolutely fine to go ahead if you have under 100 guests. If you do have concerns, perhaps consider scaling back your wedding to a slightly smaller number of 90 or less guests may be a good idea with mainly just your closest family members and friends.

Perhaps speak to you venue and caterers and see if this is a viable option.


Postpone your wedding

I completely understand that this is an absolute worst case situation but if your venue, caterers or another main supplier can’t go ahead with your booking, then you may need to postpone your wedding.

In this situation I will happily transfer your booking to another date, provided I am available with this I advise you ask me for my availability in the specific day/month/year your thinking of changing too. All monies paid, including your booking fee can be carried over to this new date. Many other suppliers will have a similar deal in place but please have a chat with them before making any final plans. Your wedding insurers may also be able to offer some useful advice when it comes to postponing your wedding.

All wedding remaining balances by your contract are due 4 weeks prior to you original wedding date you booked in my diary when signing your online contract.


Please try not to panic! It’s so incredibly hard to not panic and keep a clear head when chaos appears to surround you.

Take a break from social media, only look at reputable news sights or the advice and updates on the NHS website.

As far and I, and most other suppliers are concerned it’s full steam ahead for wedding season and I can’t wait to be part of your fabulous day!

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