To photograph a Don’t Tell the Bride Wedding – DONE

A wedding where I can shoot entirely in black and white.

A Disney themed wedding.

An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.

A Harry Potter themed wedding.

A wedding at Disneyland Paris.

A wedding at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Photograph a celebrity wedding.

A wedding in the Scottish mountains.

A wedding in a real castle.

Photograph a wedding in a Cave. (Carnglaze Cavern)

A wedding ceremony on a beach.               

A wedding in Italy.

A wedding in the US of A.

A wedding in France.

Photograph a wedding in the snow.

A superhero or comic book themed wedding.

Photograph a Scottish Highlands wedding.

A wedding with an actual funfair.

A wedding with a double decker bus.

An underground wedding.

A wedding at Aynhoe Park. Check out their website to understand why. Polar bears, unicorns and, zebras and giraffes.

Fancy dress worn by most of the wedding party.

A wedding in a forest.

A wedding in Gretna Green.

A zoo wedding.

A wedding at Natural History Museum.

A wedding in a Tree house.

A wedding at an aquarium.