We are in the 2018 – the digital age is well and truly here, and it’s wonderful! We can capture images of anything and everything, meaning that those precious memories will be with us forever.

But let’s have a think for a second – all those photos on your phone…when was the last time you printed them out? I’m mean have you printed any of them out?

I’m going to put my hand up and declare that I hadn’t printed any of my own personal photos out for the whole of 2018. That’s absolutely awful – I’m a photographer! That realisation dawned on my family especially my mum after we just lost my papa (granddad) and mum said to me when was the last time you printed any of those photos you’ve taken of me at weddings etc.. I then felt guilty…

But why should we all even bother to print our photos?


  1. Computers Die, Hard Drives Fail, Paper Doesn’t

We hear all the time about the heartbreak that happens when someone’s computer or hard drive crashes and they realise that they’ve lost everything. It’s one of my biggest fears! And there’s a simple solution: print. Print all your favourite images, the moments that are the most precious, so that if something terrible does happen, you’ve got a tangible version of your memory.


  1. You Don’t Look At Them: 

How often do you sit on your phone, and look back through all your old images. Or your computer? Yeah, not often… that’s what I thought. Me neither! As a family we have lots of photo frames all over the house with family photos in of me and my sister, our parents, my grandparents etc as 3 of my 4 grandparents are no longer here and we have small photo albums in a cupboard upstairs that we often get out and look through the photos in it! If you get your images printed, you’re going to look at them more often.


  1. Photos Make Great Decor: 

We all love to make our homes beautiful, so why not use the images you’ve taken yourself to do that. Most of the “wall art” in my home is my wildlife/landscape imagery I’ve taken myself, but I do need to print more of our family photos. Pick your favourite images, blow them up, frame them, and make a gallery wall of your life.


  1. Nothing Feels Better Than Holding Your Work In Your Hands: 

This one is specifically for photographers, but honestly there is no better feeling than holding your hard work in your hands. There’s something about taking a digital image (if you’re a digital photographer) and making it tangible. Suddenly, it’s 1000x more special.


Have I convinced you?


If you’ve recently had a session with me or I’ve photographed your wedding treat yourself, or treat someone you love for Christmas to a print of one your photos, a canvas or even a photobook or album from me 🙂


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